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Q - Does Mortrax actually do mortgage loans?
A - No, we are not a mortgage lender, originator or broker. Our job is to facilitate the access and maintenance of mortgage program guidelines and pricing using our iMort system. We leave the hard job of originating and closing loans to you!

Q - Can I call Mortrax with loan scenarios or underwriting help?
A - Helping with underwriting or loan scenarios is not one of the services offered by Mortrax. You would need to discuss any guideline questions with the appropriate investor contact. We help to improve the relationship between mortgage lenders and their Conduit Investors, but we are not taking the place of the investor.

Q - Does Mortrax deal directly with Mortgage Brokers or Loan Officers?
A - We have no direct contact with loan originators. Our clients are the wholesale or retail companies that loan officers and brokers rely on to underwrite and close their loans.

Q - Do we need to have any special software in order to use the iMort™ system offered by Mortrax?
A - The iMort system uses your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. Most computers today come with that software already installed. If you don’t have the latest version, you can download a free copy from the internet at

Q - Does Mortrax offer its products and services to small lenders?
A - We designed the iMort system to be adaptable and affordable for lenders of all sizes. Whether you close $5 million per month, or $10 Billion per year … our products will serve your needs. Banks, Savings and Loans, Credit Unions and Mortgage Lenders all share the same benefits of our products and services.

Q - Won't using Mortrax services mean I am losing control of my investor relationships and guidelines?
A - Definitely not. We facilitate your relationships and help to streamline procedures, but you are still in charge. Basically, you tell us what you want and we provide the mortgage loan program guidelines and pricing in an easy to use, efficient, and automated environment.